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About us

Pożyczamysobie is designed for open and friendly people. People who can share what they have. After all,  we all have so many things that are not used or which are needed by others. Our portal will enable you to meet and exchange goods. Pożyczamysobie is a modern way to meet your current needs.


For instance, you want to fix a new bed and you do not have a screwdriver, or you would like to organize a barbecue but you do not have a grill. Borrow it from other users of our website. Pożyczamy sobie is a service for everyone. Everyone can use it. You do not have to buy new things anymore, because you can borrow them. You save money, but also time. You use things only when you need them.

Have you heard this phrase ‘ viribus unitis’?  That means ‘with united forces’, let's give ourselves what we need. We invite you to our portal. Register and enjoy .

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