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1. Earn extra money

We often buy something on the spur of the moment, after which it turns out that we do not need these things. It happens that many such items lay in different places at the home and take up space. And yet you can give them a "second life" and even earn on it. How? Thanks to our website. It was created to give you the opportunity to borrow things that you may not use, and which would be very useful to someone else. How to do it? All you have to do is place an advertisement on our site with information on which items you can rent. Enter the price for which you can rent a bike, backpack or sports equipment. People interested in these items will arrange a meeting with you. And at the moment you will start earning money, and items that may have hit you so far will serve someone else.

2. Advertise for free.

Add an advertisement - photos of the item you want to rent and short content. On our site you will do it completely free. No fees or hidden costs. All you need to do is dedicate a bit of time  for the ad. But you only gain from it. And we will gladly help you.

3. Save on borrowing.

Only those who count every penny will have a full wallet.

A short phrase, and says so much. In addition to everyday objects, there are also those that we use only from time to time. So think about whether the items you need only once in a while must necessarily be your property? Is it worth spending a few dozen or several hundred zlotys just to use something a few times? The answer is obvious. On our site you will find people who want to rent items for several times lower than their purchase price. Find the item you want to rent and we will enable you to meet with the person interested in borrowing. Viewing the offers on our website does not require registration. Register if you decide to meet with the borrower. How to do it quickly and easily? You'll find out in the next step.

4. Fast, easy and convenient.

5. Economics of sharing.

The earliest forms of cooperation within each community were based on  exchange of goods and services.

The simplest example of a sharing economy - a shoemaker sewed shoes to a neighbor, and in return the neighbor  made clothes. We are a bit different here, but have a similar goal. We create a community of thrifty people who use their resources only to the extent that they need it. The sharing economy is revolutionizing reality and is a trend against consumerism. How it's working? Do you need to fix the bed and need a screwdriver? Borrow it from our user instead of buying it just to use it once. You can also borrow some items you do not use and earn money from someone. It's simple and beneficial for both parties. Instead of buying, cooperate and borrow. Instead of generating more expenses in your budget, use solutions that bring measurable benefits. Create a community of people sharing your property with us. Let's get to know each other in the network, let's enjoy the implementation of the need and a new knowledge.

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